About Coaching

You will never maximize your potential without coaching. A great coach will do everything in his power to help you close the gap between your potential and your performance. That entails defining reality and at times brutal honesty. Why? Because the truth, regardless of how painful it can be, is the fast track to increased performance. A great coach will be able to instill in you an image of what could and should be true of you as a person. He will guide you toward a preferred future and inspire you to do all that you can to achieve it. A great coach sees your potential, not just your current level of performance or results, and inspires you to reach your full potential.


My passion is to bring perspective, clarity and wisdom to business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders who desire to live life purposefully and who are constantly faced with making big, tough decisions that impact their organizations and even more importantly the people that work with and for them. Coaching is much more than just sharing ideas, tips and strategies. It's having someone to ask you the tough questions, someone who will help you pull out the answers that lie deep within you. Coaching is not someone telling you what to do, it's having someone who will listen and then guide you with discernment and wisdom to the decision or action that is best for you. It's having a trusted confidant, one-on-one, life-on-life, through the high and lows and the major decisions you must make. 


If you find yourself thinking about:



  • I need to have greater balance in my life  
  • I'm stressed and burned out in my career
  • I'm trapped in a high-paying job but with no passion for it
  • I've sold my company... now what?
  • I've lost my job or I'm in the midst of career transition... what's next?
  • My marriage is on cruise control and not what I dreamed it would be
  • What happened to the close relationship that I used to have with my kids
  • I want to be more comfortable in my own skin
  • I need a confidant and personal advisor


  • I need to scale my organization

  • I need to reinvent my business
  • I need to upgrade my talent
  • I'm thinking about launching a new venture
  • I need to restructure my organization
  • I need to get back in my sweet spot
  • I need to recruit and develop a new generation of leaders
  • I need to hire and empower a #2 person
  • I need to clarify my organization's vision, mission and values
  • I need to further develop my leadership skills
  • The organization's growth has outpaced my personal growth... how do I increase my personal growth curve?
  • I'm feeling overwhelmed with the pressure of the position... how do I relieve the pressure and get perspective?

Coaching should always be about YOU and YOUR agenda. It should be practical and relevant and help you achieve the results that you're looking for. It should make you look at yourself in a mirror and become more aware of yourself, your desires, your strengths, your talents and your wiring. It should give you an expert advisor that's in your corner, life-on-life, through the highs and lows... no matter what. It's having a trusted confidant that's there for YOU and YOUR success. 


David Hoyt is a class act.  I have had the opportunity to observe David for years and realize he truly cares about people.  He’s dedicated to helping others in their personal and professional growth. He desires to see others develop their strengths and reach their full potential.
— Dianna Kokoszka, CEO of Keller Williams MAPS Coaching