What I Can Do for You


LifePlan: Chart the Course for Your Life

Discover your purpose and plan for living life to the fullest.

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Coaching Enables You to Go Farther, Faster

Have a trusted confidant that’s there for YOU and YOUR success.

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Consulting Provides Fresh Perspective

Gain new ideas and a fresh perspective.

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Whether you find yourself facing great opportunities or huge mountains to climb, highs or lows, if you are looking for a thinking partner, someone who will stretch your thoughts or dig deeper into the opportunities you are facing or valleys you are going through I would encourage you to spend time with David.  Investing time and resources with the right people at the right time will bring a return for the rest of your life. David has been one of those men for me and I’ll be forever grateful.
— Scott Fay, Entrepreneur & Executive Vice President of The John Maxwell Team


Should We Talk?  Yes, If You Are:

  • A leader who looking to take their organization to the next level of growth.
  • An executive who desires to have a stronger culture and a deeper bench of leaders.
  • A leader who has just been asked to take on significantly more leadership responsibilities.
  • A speaker or author looking to expand your platform and influence.
  • An individual asking what is your purpose and calling in life?
  • An individual with a vision that is asking how to turn that vision into a reality.
  • An entrepreneur who has just sold a company and is asking “what’s next?”
  • An individual going through a significant life transition such as layoff, mid-life transformation, failing marriage, kids leaving the nest or corporate merger.


If you’re looking for a strategic advisor or guide to help you accomplish your God-given dream for your organization or life then…